We are a company dedicated for over 60 years to the manufacturing of food dyes and spices substitutes.

Our customers are companies which pack those products in cans, bags or others... with their own brand for culinary appliance (paellas dyes, stews, etc...). All these packaged foodstuffs will be commercialized in traditional stores and supermarkets.

It is due to our experience that we are leaders in the food dyes sector. We are an active and vital company concerned about the quality and service to provide our clients the best product and also the personalized attention they deserve.
From some years ago we have expanded our traditional activity in manufacturing of food dyes and spices substitutes to another wide range of synthetic and natural dyes for the food industry (confectionery, snacks, ice cream, sweets, etc.)

Broadly speaking, it must be stressed the stability of the way our companies are run, denoting great advances in the increase of the sales in the home market and the exports.

In our continuing effort to adapt to market challenges, we continue researching new products at the same time we invest in our company to adapt to new technologies.